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Saturday, August 31, 2013

[Winner Announced] Win Tickets to A-Yue’s “Bye Bye Blue Monday Concert Tour”!

Hello people! Selamat Hari Merdeka! Although we're having a hazy independence day, but it's not stopping me from spreading loves to my readers. (lol) Well it's GIVEAWAY TIME! I almost died of heart attack when I know I'll be seeing A-Yue again and THERE'LL BE EXTRA TICKETS FOR MY READERS OMG.

Now you know how much I love him .___.
Continue reading to find out how to win yourself a pair of CAT C tickets woth RM235 each ;)


Congratulations to the 5 lucky winners! ;)
Sher Lynn
Jenn Jennie
Tan Tee Wee
Teo Chun Keat
Chow Pui Teng


Taiwanese rock musician Chang Chen-Yue (A-Yue) will once again hit the shores of Malaysia with his latest concert tour “Bye Bye Blue Monday” this September. The concert will be held on Saturday, 14 September, 8pm at the Penang International Sports Arena (PISA). A-Yue will be gracing the stage with freshly established band Sunny Day. This highly anticipated concert is also a nice summary of the past twenty years of A-Yue’s musical journey. A-Yue’s “Bye Bye Blue Monday Concert  Tour” will feature a whole new concept of presenting the concert in the style of a fun “travel documentary”.

Growing up amidst the mountains and sea in a fishing village in Eastern Taiwan, the vast and free environment has given A-Yue an active and adventurous spirit. His spontaneity is also reflected in his love for the outdoors and sports, including hiking, camping, jogging and riding the waves. The concert will hence chronicle the concept of time from “dawn to midnight”, showcasing A-Yue’s personal lifestyle or what is termed the “Yue” Life Style; through which his true emotions and inner feelings will also be revealed. The person who will be standing on stage would be the most sincere, genuine and complete Chang Chen Yue.

In his world, there are many other things that A-Yue is passionate about besides performing on stage and composing music. Beyond the music and the applause, the concert aims to bring out more delicate emotions and feelings as well as epiphanies of life through the melodious notes played out during the concert. Dedicated to everyone who has grown up in an urban jungle, A-Yue invites all of us to join him to enjoy nature - the mountains and the sea - and break away from the stress and burdens of daily urban life.

As A-Yue composes and sings his own songs, he somehow manages to convey those raw and honest feelings in which we all often fail to put into words. A characteristic representative of the music industry, his style of music is just like himself: honest and simple but yet with a certain firm dedication and intensiveness to it. Be it rock and roll or sentimental hits, A-Yue never blindly follows what the mainstream dictates, himself being one of the top composers of music. To him, the music is the crux of the concert and not the glamorous stage set up nor the dazzling concert outfits. The years of vigorous training experience have resulted in A-Yue’s rapid growth in the quality of his compositions and performance.

Audiences can expect to be treated to an ear feast at A-Yue’s Bye Bye Blue Monday Concert Tour in Penang as he belts out the vast collection of songs conceived throughout his past twenty years as a musician. Popular hits include 《爱我别 走》,《分手吧》,《爱的初体验》as well as hits from his latest album released this July such as 《破吉他》.

To produce the much-needed VCR required for the concert, A-Yue even brought his crew to Eastern Taiwan to find suitable filming locations amidst the mountains, hills and the sea where they filmed for two whole days and nights. In addition, the band Sunny Day who, as mentioned, will be playing alongside him on stage, is comprised of his close friends such as drummer Martin and guitarist Joey; in which he met the latter when he was surfing. This will be the first collaboration of A-Yue and Sunny Day for a full-fledged solo concert, and audiences can expect a new and different style from them.

Come join A-Yue in singing away your Monday Blues at his “Bye Bye Blue Monday Concert Tour” in Penang!

Concert tickets priced at RM375* (VIP), RM325*, RM285*, RM235* and RM195* (*excludes RM3 Processing fee) and will be available from 24 For concert and ticket information, please contact TicketCharge hotline at +603 9222 8811 or visit their website at http://www.ticketcharge.com.my/

“Bye Bye Blue Monday Concert Tour-Penang” is proudly brought to you by AMC Group Singapore.


台湾流行摇滚歌手张震岳即将再度回到马来西亚, 以全新的个人演唱会 —“艳阳 天”袭卷槟城!续香港和上海之后,阿岳将和全新编制的Sunny Day乐队,一起 登上槟城的舞台。这场让歌迷期待已久的个人演唱会,也是阿岳对于自己20年音乐人生的小结。届时,在舞台上的张震岳,既是那个怀抱吉它轻轻吟唱的歌 者,也是跨着重车穿越钢筋森林的极速顽童,亦是爱冲浪爱登山的大地之子!

这次“艳阳天”演唱会将融入全新的概念,以纪录片形式来呈现演唱会。从小生活在台湾东部依山傍海的渔村部落,自由的成长环境和阿美族热情的血液给了他好动的性格。随性的他喜欢随性的生活,冲浪、爬山、露营、慢跑,阿岳酷 爱亲近自然享受运动的乐趣。演唱会将时间以「清晨到凌晨」,全方位还原他的生活Style- 「岳」式 Lifestyle ,更有他平常不为人知的內心披露。 站在舞台上的张震岳,将会是最真实的,完整的。 在阿岳的世界里,除了舞台和创作,还有很多让他全情投入的事情。

在阿岳的世界里,除了音乐和掌声,还有更多细腻的情感,对生命的体认透过美好的音符 呈现给大家!呈现给生活在钢筋森林的每一个你我,请跟着这位大地的孩子一 起“上山下海“脱离生活压力重负。他写着唱着自己的歌,不知道怎么地,就说出了我们心中千回百转总也说不清道不透的情愫。作为音乐圈中个性的代表, 阿岳的音乐风格如同他本人一样,真实、质朴而又带着执着和激烈。不管是摇滚还是情歌,张震岳从不随波逐流,因为他就是创造者之一。对阿岳而言,音乐才是演唱会最重要的部分,而非华丽的舞台机关、夸张的服装道具。纵贯线 的锻炼经历让阿岳在各方面急速成长, 无论是作品质量还是舞台表现,他的锋 芒愈发锐利,能量愈发强劲。

在“艳阳天”的槟城演唱会上,台下歌迷也将会听张震岳一口气唱出20余年的音乐历程以及首首脍炙人口的歌曲如《爱我别走》,《分手吧》,《爱的初体 验》和刚在七月发行全新专辑里的《破吉他》。为了演唱会所需的VCR,阿岳带这工作人员到台湾东部,上山下海亲自去找适合的场景,进行了整整两天两夜的拍摄。除此以外,阿岳此次的音乐伙伴也是全新的阵容、与好友重组的乐团组合Sunny Day乐队,乐队的成員编制共五人,包括“猴子飞行员”的阿强、“纵贯线”鼓手Martin,也有他在冲浪时认识的吉他手Joey。Sunny Day乐队和张震岳也是首次合作完整的个人演 唱会,他们将在全新状态下呈现与以往截然不同的风格。

9月14日这个“艳阳天”,正是蓄积能量跃跃欲试的张震岳在槟城全新蜕变出发的那一天! 演唱会票价为 RM375*, RM325*, RM285*,RM235* 和 RM195* (*票价不包含TicketCharge费用), 从7月24日起开始售票。欲知演唱会与票务详情, 请联络 TicketCharge 订票热线 +603 9222 8811或浏览网站 http:// www.ticketcharge.com.my/.

“艳阳天巡回演唱会-槟城站” 是由 AMC Group Singapore带给大家。


Date: 14 September 2013, Saturday
Time: 8:00pm Venue: Penang International Sports Arena (PISA)
Ticket Prices: RM375*, RM325*, RM285*, RM235*, RM195* (*excluding TicketCharge Fee) TicketCharge Hotline: +603 9222 8811 or http://www.ticketcharge.com.my/

 Seating Plan


It's GIVEAWAY time! (lol I almost forgot about this wtf ._.)
5 lucky winners will walk away a pair of CAT C's ticket each so good luck!

I shall end this blog post with my favourite song - 小宇 (again lol)

and a rather funny gif from one of his video我家門前有大海 / 海雅谷慕+大眼睛小孩 :) 
*if you read Chinese*

till then, xx.

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  1. I love A-Yue because he's part of my high school memory and he's awesome enough to still be remembered. XD I love "love me don't go". =D

  2. 爱我别走is my favourite song, I used to sing and cry during the emo days la. And it's a must for singk session. Btw, I love his song but my dude love the whole of him, he's soooooooo crazy over him so this makes me lagi wanna win this la. Pick me pick me!!


  3. ... people that followed have to unfollow and follow back only can get one entry ah. This apps no good weh. =X

  4. I love A-yue because his song was probably my unforgettable teenager companion !! especially 爱的初体验, i play this song DJ music game machine almost every week at my local FUn square with lots of game machine.

  5. I love A-yue because his song was incredibly awesome, I wont be able to go through my high school life without his song as my companion.The song i love most is 思念是一种病~ <3

  6. aiya sigh... I wanted to go to A-Yue concert! His songs bring back lots of memories during my time in high school. But then why falls on 14-Sept? sob.

  7. I love A-yue because I love his song :P
    自由 , 爱我别走are my favourite song,

  8. omg ~~ thank you so much Iris, can't wait for it :D


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